1,750.00 250.00

✅ Customer login
✅ Product Galerie
✅ Payment Integration
✅ Shipping and Tax
✅ CMS features



The team at Telirams people has the potential to come up with some of the most amazing eCommerce websites that you would ever get to see. Trendy, packed with features and totally appealing the eCommerce websites that we create are guaranteed to be totally ‘one of a kind’

  • 1) Customer login – Allows customer registration and login on the site.
  • 2) Product Gallery – Product and Services listed in an online catalogue with images and details.
  • 3) Payment Integration – Online payment facilities through bank, credit card or Paypal
  • 4) Shipping and Tax – Shipping and tax charges added automatically as applied to all transactions.
  • 5) CMS features – Complete admin, product and price management of website with numerous customized options
  • 6) More Custom features Tailor made feature for ecommerce like Laybys, export/import of data, groupon type special deals, profit/loss calculations

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