1,990.00 300.00

✅ Cost effective pricing
✅  A complete user friendly password protected application .
✅ Online chat support by web developers to assist in CMS use
✅ Customized CMS as per the requirement of the business



We thoroughly believe that a professional Content Management System is one that comes fully featured with web management tools that can support the overall monitoring of the content placed on the website, and also make sure that the appearance of the website is nothing short of being perfect. For this reason, we put in added efforts to assure that you receive a CMS that is not just going to make your website look a whole lot more appealing, but is also user-friendly, making it possible for you to use it without any problems or issues whatsoever!

Main Features of a Content Management System package

  • 1) User friendly backend system
  • 2) CK editor with WYSIWYG features
  • 3) Multiple image upload with cropping and resizing options
  • 4) Customized CMS corresponding to the functionality of the website.
  • 5) Full security
  • 6) CMS integration into the main website
  • 7) Search Function
  • 8) Metatags fields for SEO
  • 9) Newsletter
  • 10) Calender

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